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Do you want to check out Team South Africa's performance at the ICC Cricket World Cup? If yes, check out this article.

South Africa in Cricket World Cup

Even though South Africa was one of the test-playing nations of the world when ICC Cricket World Cup was launched, it was not allowed to participate in the game in fisth four World Cup. The reason for this was that the team had been banned from international cricket due to apartheid.

It was only in the 8th ODI World Cup, by when the apartheid regime had fallen in South Africa, that the team's international sports boycott ended and it became one of the contenders of the tournament. Till date, the team hasn't managed to win the trophy even once. In recent World Cup 2019, they finished seventh position in first round.

Read on further to know more about South Africa's performance in all the ODI World Cups played so far.

South Africa team at ICC World Cup

  • 1975: Not Played
  • 1979: Not Played
  • 1983: Not Played
  • 1987: Not Played
  • 1992: Semi Finals
  • 1996: Quarter Finals
  • 1999: Semi Finals
  • 2003: Round 1
  • 2007: Semi Finals
  • 2011: Quarter Finals
  • 2015: Semi Finals
  • 2019: Round 1 (7th position)
Scores Upcoming Results
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