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Fourteen teams are participating in ICC Cricket World Cup 2011. In the tenth edition of the ODI World Cup, these teams would be divided into 2 groups.

2011 Cricket World Cup Groups

In the tenth edition of ICC World Cup, which is scheduled to be held in 2011, a total of fourteen nations will be seen participating. These include Australia, Bangladesh, England, India, New Zealand, Pakistan, South Africa, Sri Lanka, West Indies, Zimbabwe, Ireland, Canada, Netherlands, and Kenya.

As a part of the format, the 14 teams would be divided into two groups, each with seven participants. The four top teams from both the groups will move ahead to the quarter-finals, which will be followed by semi-finals and final. Read on explore in detail, the two groups into which the 14 teams have been divided.

ICC World Cup 2011 Groups

Group A
  • Australia (ICC Full Member)
  • New Zealand (ICC Full Member)
  • Pakistan (ICC Full Member)
  • Sri Lanka (ICC Full Member)
  • Zimbabwe (ICC Full Member)
  • Canada (2nd place in 2009 ICC World Cup Qualifier)
  • Kenya (4th place in 2009 ICC World Cup Qualifier)
Group B
  • Bangladesh (ICC Full Member)
  • England (ICC Full Member)
  • India (ICC Full Member)
  • South Africa (ICC Full Member)
  • West Indies (ICC Full Member)
  • Ireland (1st place in 2009 ICC World Cup Qualifier)
  • Netherlands (3rd place in 2009 ICC World Cup Qualifier)
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