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Explore review, strengths and weaknesses of Pakistan cricket team for World Cup 2015.

Pakistan Team Review for World Cup 2015

Missing their best two bowlers might actually be a shot in the arm for them - as the pressure on them is much less, as they are not really expected to go beyond the quarters.

Interestingly, though their bowling is still quite strong, it is their batting that is most likely to trip them. Being led by not the most inspirational captains will not help either. Should not proceed beyond the quarters.

Bad luck seems to be following them,with all the match fixing and players mysteriously dissapearing.But finaly they saw a silver lining within the dark clouds when they defeated New-zealand in a Test match. Some capable youngster like Shehzad and Rehmann came through the ranks to show their talent in the international arena. Like Always Pakistan is unpredictable has it wouldn't be a suprise if they make it to the ultimate goal.


  • Despite their two best bowlers out due to controversy, still one of the best bowling sides of the tournament (third-best).
  • The team has an ability to absorb pressure (second-best Pressure amongst 8 main teams).


  • A poor Batting team overall - both in terms of depth and firepower.
  • Their Strike Rate is inadequate, a result of their overall weak batting.
  • Lack consistency as a unit (amongst the least number of high impact players amongst the main 8 teams).
Scores Upcoming Results
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